Laila Kasuri

Laila is currently a Graduate Student Researcher at the Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California. Laila is also a part of the Harvard Water Security Initiative. She has been a Hydraulic Engineering Intern with the US Army Corps of Engineers and graduated from Beaconhouse Liberty Lahore in 2009. She is also doing an MSc in Water Resources Engineering from UC Davis.

Laila has been a student at Harvard University as well, where she studied for a degree in Hydrology and Geomechanics. She has worked as a Volunteer Educator for the Marian Koshland Museum of Science, US and as a Lab Assistant at Harvard Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology.

At Beaconhouse, Laila participated in debating and public speaking activities, was the Editor-in-Chief of the annual school magazine, and the President and Founder of Liberty Book Club.