Beaconhouse International Student Convention (BISC)

The first Beaconhouse International Student Convention was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in January 2016; the latest event, ‘BISC 2017’, was held in January 2017, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A co-curricular/cultural and sporting event, BISC 2017 saw more than 160 boys and girls participating from Beaconhouse schools in Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Pakistan in a wide range of sports and co-curricular competitive activities.

BISC events aim to bring the worldwide network of Beaconhouse schools together to create a global community of students and teachers who can learn from one another while representing Beaconhouse as an international leader in education.

Long Service Awards

Beaconhouse values the contributions and hard work of all its staff members. It holds its Long Service Award Ceremony every five years to honour employees who have completed between five to 35 years of service.

Open Days

Campuses and branches across the system hold Open Days to let parents interact with the school faculty and administration, as well as with the existing parent body. In addition to interactive educational activities for children and their parents, Open Days allow them to explore the prospective campus facilities and learn about curricular and co-curricular offerings.