University Placements / Scholarships / Internships


Ranging from top IVY Schools to Russell Group Universities, Beaconhouse students are proving their mettle in universities all over the world, especially in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. The numbers of international admissions, offers, placements and scholarships have increased tremendously. Over the last four years, our students have received around PKR 12.5 billion in international university scholarships with 11639 worldwide university acceptances.

Beaconhouse students undertake summer internships in many not-for-profit organisations such as CARE Foundation, WWF-Pakistan and media groups such as Dawn in Pakistan. The Beaconhouse Social Awareness Internship Programme (SAIP) provides opportunities for students to work with different organisations involved in social sectors, such as health, education and the environment.

2017 – another record-breaking year with over 2700 international university acceptances and scholarships worth more than USD 62 million.

Acceptances                  Scholarships

2014:     974                    USD 13.8 million

2015:    1402                   USD 18.5 million

2016:    2082                   USD 30.4 million

2017:    2765                   USD 62.7 million

PKR 12.5 billion in international university scholarships over the last four years

11639 worldwide university acceptances over the last four years

Over 15% international admissions in top 50 universities of the world

Admissions in Oxford/Cambridge University – 4th consecutive year

Admissions in London School of Economics – 4th consecutive year

100% scholarships in Ivy League – 3rd consecutive year