Training At Beaconhouse

Beaconhouse has established a comprehensive in-house training programme in collaboration with several UK universities. The training department works with University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John to offer teachers two certificates: the Certificate in Professional Education and the Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Development. Teachers can earn a master’s at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Programmes Offered

The training department offers the following programmes:

Professional Development Pathway

Teachers with less than one year’s experience take an induction course. All teachers take the five-day foundation course, which follows the induction course, in one of the following areas: Early Years, Primary, and Secondary.

After finishing the foundation course, teachers can apply for the Certificate in Professional Education (CPEd) offered by University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John. Classes for this 120 credit course are held on 15 days spread over seven months. Classes are taught by teachers accredited by the University.

After finishing the CPEd, teachers interested in becoming teacher-trainers enrol in the two-year Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in training offered through University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John.

Teachers who pass the PGCert with a distinction are given a scholarship to enrol for their MEd at Leeds Metropolitan University.

New Programmes

Beaconhouse plans to start a PGCert in Early years, Primary and Secondary (Math and Science), and Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master’s in Early Childhood Education in collaboration with several UK universities.

In-house Trainers

The training department provides a professional pathway for teachers interested in becoming teacher-trainers. It supports the trainers, trainees and tutors through their continuous professional development.

Trainees are split into two streams: Award Bearing Programme Trainers and School Based Trainers.

The Award Bearing Programme Trainers scheme lasts five to six years, depending on the trainee. The trainee observes and teaches classes for two cohorts – each cohort lasts nine months – then is appointed a trainer for the third and the fourth year of the programme. In the fifth year, the enrolee is then appointed a tutor. This programme is accredited by University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John.

The School Based Trainers programme is similar to the Award Bearing Programme, except that the enrolees are trained in-house and are only recognised by Beaconhouse.

Programme Requirements

Applying for the CPEd

Teachers who have been teaching in the Beaconhouse School System for three years and are recommended by their school head can apply for the CPEd.

All applicants to the CPEd will be marked in three phases. The criteria and score for each phase is clearly laid out on the CPEd Selection Criteria Scoring Sheet. Applicants can log in at to see the mark sheets they will need to fill out.

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Training FAQ

The CIPSE programme was started in 1993; Beaconhouse replaced the CIPSE with the CPEd in 2006.

No. You don’t need to attend this course as it is at the same level as the CIPSE.

You will pay for it and take it through the British Council.

110 pounds sterling cash when you submit the last assignment.

No. It is compulsory to be a classroom teacher to enrol in the course. If you are not a teacher and still want to take the course you will have to go back to school and teach one class, in any subject of your choice, for an academic year.

The 120 credits will place you at Certificate level in the Higher Education Scheme of the United Kingdom.

Yes. If they get the required IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Approximately 7 months.