Farheen Khalid

I have been associated with the system since 2006 as an IT teacher. Since joining Beaconhouse, my career has been brilliantly challenging and exciting as the school has provided me with numerous and excellent learning opportunities.

Bilal Khan

My journey at BSS started in the year 1989. Working at BSS for 25 years has been a wonderful experience. I have served BSS in various capacities from Computer Programmer/Analyst to AMIT. BSS has always worked hard at retaining and honoring its employees by providing them with a high level of confidence and good working environment. The best thing about BSS is that your hard work and passion is always recognized.

Sarah Ahmed

During the thirteen years I was at Shaed School I recommended that, and encouraged all of my parents to send their children to the various programs at Beacon House.  In fact, I was so happy with the programs that not only did I recommend Beacon House to them, but I actively involved myself in helping the children attend.  The Beacon House programs are excellent.

Ali Hassan

The strengths in my community that is most important to me are Beacon House.  This is the most important strength because it allows up and coming teens to make a better decision for themselves.  It helps teens make decisions about planning their future.  Beacon House gives motivation to young children and teens.  Beacon House helps you to find yourself