Student Leadership Conference (SLC)

Risalpur: Beaconhouse Risalpur Branch held the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) on April 18, 2017. The branch took this initiative to facilitate a collaborative and inclusive educational environment for Beaconhouse branches in Risalpur, Nowshera, Attock and Mardan.

SLC provided participants the means to expand their individual leadership potential as well as avenues to apply those skills, on individual and group levels. It was a true reflection of the Beaconhouse Learner Profile.

The two keynote speakers were selected from the community, one each for the Opening and the Closing ceremonies. For the Opening Ceremony, Lt Col Fawad Akram was invited from Military College of Engineering. He is currently working on national projects such as Swat Motorway and Kurram Tangi Dam. For the closing keynote, Ms Sobia, headmistress Beaconhouse Mardan Branch was invited. Both were sought out for their ability to provoke thought and inspire the students with their achievements and accomplishments.

Four groups were created and students from all the branches took part in each group. Students had been informed about their groups of discussion beforehand. The four groups were Freedom of Speech Should Have No Boundaries, Challenges Faced by Teenagers Today and their Recovery Plan,

How do the Media Influence Us? What do we see when we look in the mirror?, and Eye on the Future: If You Have To Design Your Own Future, How Would It Look Like?

Students discussed their opinions on each group’s topic and presented a PowerPoint presentations.