Sport and Physical Education


Beaconhouse has earned an excellent reputation in sporting success, but this is only a small part of the picture. All our students participate in our Physical Education and Sports programme and we offer excellent sporting opportunities to boys and girls from Early Years
to A Level.

Physical Education (PE) lessons are a vital part of the regular school timetable. State-of- the-art facilities provide ample space for students to learn and practice, but we are constantly looking to improve them. Equipment used at our schools is of high standard. Our main focus
is to help develop each child’s specific talent and aptitude through a broad-based curriculum. To maximise learning, we help our PE teachers develop their own capabilities through Professional Development opportunities.

Our curriculum continues to evolve so that a wide range of sports are introduced to our students. The skills taught are age-appropriate. They study modules in which their sporting skills are cultivated before playing a match, which are also a part of each module. Students
go on to participate in matches at various levels, from intra-class to inter-region and beyond. We prepare children for lifelong involvement in sports and physical activity, promoting confidence, fitness and well-being, as well as a healthy sense of competition.

Sports and Competitions Format