Job Description

Location Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore

Education/Qualification Minimum Master’s degree in any area preferably in Education/Management

Required Experience 7-10 years of overall experience in the education industry, of which 5-7 years as an A Level teacher and 3-4 years in school management in A Level

Preferred Gender Male

Traveling N/A


School Improvement Plan

  • Provide assistance and input to the School Head in the implementation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan.

Academic Management

  • Oversee the development, organization and implementation of the curriculum across designated domain; ensure that the learning and teaching provided by different teaching teams form a coordinated, coherent curriculum entitlement for individual students.
  • Ensure that information on student progress is used to improve teaching and learning, to inform and motivate students, to inform parents, to provide necessary references for other educational institutions and employers.Provide guidance and support to relevant internal stakeholders in implementing Schemes of Work and ensure that statutory and school policies are being met.Ensure that statutory and school policies are being met.
  • Plan General Staff Meetings including, but not limited to Curriculum development, Lesson Planning and Scheme of Work, Disciplinary, Parent Teacher Meetings, etc.
  • Enhance the application of Academic Management through the effective implementation of relevant ICT methodologies and tools.

Community Relations

  • Be a conduit between the School Head, staff and students for the communication of information and concerns.
  • Attend meetings as appropriate with the School Head and parents and provide reports and necessary information as and when required.
  • Oversee the effective induction of students.
  • Effective implementation of the Discipline Policy.

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