CPED Phases

The three phases of CPED are as follows.

1. The application form.
Applicants should transfer information from the application form to the scoring sheet. The three questions here will be scored out of 20.

2. The writing task.
Each applicant will write a 200 word narrative on their personal and professional life, in English. The writing task will be scored out of 30 on the following criteria

  • The applicant’s ability to stay focused and to fully address the topic and ensure that his or her main ideas are sufficiently developed and supported
  • The ability to use a range of sentence structures and organise his or her ideas cohesively
  • The ability to use punctuation to appropriately clarify the meaning of the sentence
  • The ability to use neat and legible handwriting and use correct spelling

3. The interview
A one to one interview is conducted to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in spoken English as well as his or her ability and motivation.

Applying for the PGCert and the MEd

Applicants for the PGCert have to complete the CPEd to be considered for the programme.

Students who finish the PGCert with a distinction are given scholarships to enrol in the MEd programme at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Training FAQ

You will get an additional increment at the time of your annual appraisal.

You will be required to take an IELTS at band 6.0 or a TOEFL at the score of 540.

No, but you will have moved one step further in your professional development.

No. You will be required to write three assignments, one at the end of each module you study.

Written assignments, practical projects and classroom observations.

Two assignments during the course and one after the course.

You will have the option of being deferred. This means that you will be given a set time by the college to complete your course at a later date.

From the regional library. For outstation teachers the complete bibliography will be sent to the relevant school.

At the Staff Development Centre (SDC) in your regional office.