Beaconhouse Learner Profile


By emphasising a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, critical and innovative thinking and global awareness, the Beaconhouse Learner Profile serves as a cornerstone for what it means to be a Beaconhouse student. Our students come from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, nationally and internationally. The learner profile identifies common attributes that connect Beaconhouse students around the world. Beaconhouse promotes holistic learning that addresses students’ intellectual, emotional and physical development, preparing them to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. The ultimate aim of the learner profile is to serve as the foundation for our curricula and teaching philosophy.


The Beaconhouse Learner Profile cannot be implemented only through the curriculum: parents and educators serve as role models for its attributes and values that are then recognised and emulated by learners. The learner profile’s success depends on the extent to which it is lived as an exemplar of caring, responsible and ethical global citizenship.


Creative & Innovative

Our students aspire to generate original thoughts and ideas which add value to their lives in the 21st century. Through our local and international curricula, and with the direct support of school heads and teachers, Beaconhouse students draw on inspirational examples from human history to be creative, imaginative and innovative in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding.



Through local and international curricula, our teachers facilitate and support students to create logical connections between ideas. Together, teachers and students strive to identify evaluate and solve problems systematically by reflecting on their own critical thinking processes.



Our students are curious about their surroundings. Through our local and international curricula, facilitated by teachers, our students generate knowledge leading to an enhanced understanding of the world in which they live.

child protection

Health & Hygiene-Conscious

Our schools promote and support student awareness to ensure that all Beaconhouse students are able to make conscious decisions about healthy living. They are actively involved in physical activities both inside and outside the school, leading to heightened development of their mind, spirit and body.



All Beaconhouse schools promote and support good works and community service so our students can empathise with others, ensuring the development of a more just, caring and compassionate world.



Our school heads promote student accountability and an informed responsibility for an individual’s actions. Through the curriculum, our students and teachers develop a spirit of honesty, integrity, equality and fairness.



Our school heads and teachers support all Beaconhouse students to become dedicated, dependable, resilient and unwavering in their quest to acquire knowledge and understanding.


Globally Competent

Through our local and international curricula, school heads and teachers support and facilitate our students to critically analyze and question global issues based on three principles


To learn that the increased imbalance of income, the unavailability of quality education for the poor and the digital economy are fundamentally altering the nature of employment and the right to earn a livelihood.

Global & Social Cohesion

Mass migration from countries stuck in war and poverty create problems on a global scale. Through our local and international curricula teachers and students discuss the integration of diverse groups of people and ways to avoid the growth of extremist ideologies.


Our local and international curricula prioritize the investigation of sustainable goals which meet the needs of the present without compromising the lives of future generations in the face of environmental degradation, climate change, over consumption and population growth.


Digitally Literate

Heads of school and teachers promote the ethical use of social media technology and learning. BSS teachers and students are expected to create, share and disseminate knowledge and information electronically and to collaborate with others locally and internationally through an informed responsible use of digital technologies